Thursday, October 28, 2010

            DEEP ROOTS
Lazy as a leaf whose adventure is not his own
            Ambitious as a vine whose sight soar always up
Simple as a yes whose answer does condone
            Optimistic as a kid who’s as full as his cup

Today marks the start of it all
            Time passes yet moments linger with hope
Hearts gather to honor their call
            Dreams flirt, dance, cuddle and elope

You and me and her and him
            A group unruly related only in time
Without the other the world fashions grim
            Fight back and love claims a witty rhyme

One,  two…three four seven
            Gaggles, herds, schools, flocks
Artistically adding to get eleven
            The movement of the grandfather as it tocks

Green enough to grow with ease
            The wind carries feelings of home
Dirt covered blue jeans from working bent knees
            Explorers unite to where their roots will sew.

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