Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just another week in Japan

*The star of this movie, the little stud with glasses, has a close up at 3:10...I would encourage you to tune in to see poetry in motion.

My Week
Undokai (aka sports day) is a Japanese tradition that is celebrated all throughout the country. Towns, cities, villages gather to support the youth as they "compete" and show off their many talents. Compete is quote unquote because as Dan put it, "Japanese love ties. Because then no one has to fall on their sword." (or something along those line) I laughed and said Americans hate ties because it is like kissing your sister. Then we all laughed an equal amount :) Events of the Undokai were as follows: relay race with too many parts to it to explain, sprint medley, whole city tug-o-war, traditional Japanese dances and cheers and the crowd favorite... MUSICAL CHAIRS. This year was a true cinderella story as a third grader took out the overhyped and highly qualified (last years champ) Mayor of Norikura. However, in Japan no one is a loser. Participants received prizing for simply showing up. The Mayor went home with saran wrap and a chink in his armor.

The rest of the week paled in comparison but was not too bad. My days were filled with running in the mornings, climbing in the mid mornings, mountain biking and hiking in the afternoons and adventure movie watching at night. So basically I played outside the large majority of the week. When I was not playing/working outside, Seiya and I performed maintenance on the snowboard park elements and cleaned toilets. I LOVE WHAT I DO.

Other highlights from the week...
*hiking to a stinking sweet waterfall
*local bouldering night at northstar
*dance parties
*teaching/playing ninja
*sharing my life story
*learning to drive a manual on the wrong side
*Seiya singing Taylor Swift daily

Big ups to the Mules and Jennies holdin it down in the 'Burg with a little Japanese steeze!


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