Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Simple Things.

So this morning at our daily devotional, Northstar's fearless and ever energetic leader Dan encouraged and inspired us, as he touched on death, regret and the simplicity of celebration. He shared about the hardships of his last twelve months and wanted to elaborate on his learnings from his intimate relationship with death.   Here is a synopsis of the simple truths that have rocked my world and created a refocus and change in my point of view over the last thirteen hours and counting.

"Death shows us who we are and what our priorities are." - Dan Junker

The most important thing in life is our Lord. And in that, our attention down the line or to the future is useless or even unwarranted because "this is the day the Lord has made..." and tomorrow is not guarunteed. There is no guarantee except for the moment we are living in right now. So rejoice in that. Celebrate these little moments because combined they become the big ones in life. Reflect, slow down and TAKE A BREATH.  Dan claimed it to be an amazing thing to be alive so remember its a gift from God and we should live accordingly.

His main point is this... LOVE, LIVE and CELEBRATE. Do not let life pass you by. Be the person today, you have always wanted to be tomorrow. Forgive. Dance and sing and laugh more. Watch less TV and go on more walks and bike rides. Drink more coffee with friends and play more board games with family. It is this moment that matters. It is the ones you love and the little joys in life that make it all worth while. Tell them, hug them and even celebrate them. LIVE LIFE!

QUOTE of the Day: "Oh yeah its the Tokyo banana" - Me  "The what???" -Mitchie   "You know, its pretty much a glorified twinkie!" -Me  "Aaaaaa pinky?" - Mitchie (as she motions to his littlest finger)  " hahaha no no no a TWINKIE not a PINKIE!" -Me

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