Wednesday, September 23, 2009




Monday, Northstar was home to our first annual Livestrong Century Challenge. The race covered 100 miles and had four major climbs. The weather changed as often as the elevation, but at the end of the day only 10 riders persevered through the elements and the miles to claim victory. Stokley, an American rider from a military base, was overheard saying "this was the hardest damn race I have ever ridden. Those climbs were epic. And this is what I do."
          The race/ride is meant for more than just completing 100 miles; it is a way to lend support for the fight against cancer. On the eve of the event, Dan Junker (head boss at Northstar) gave a tear jerking speech about his victory over cancer and the effects it has had on not only his life but those nearest and dearest his heart. He explained a country afraid or embarrassed to speak up if cancer was present and further stated that the Livestrong challenge was about the fight. "Because if you fight for something, you usually think you have a chance to win. And in that case there is hope. Hope is what we all need. I want to LIVE and I want to HOPE." Dan's story is one of inspiration and hope. His words brought memories of loved ones with cancer, who are still fighting or have passed away, to the forefront of our hearts;  prayers, thoughts and tears were shared by all. Cancer is being fought and I am stoked to be apart of the movement.

We believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. (LAF)

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