Friday, September 11, 2009

Piece Signs and Head Bows.

To survive in a foreign land it is wise to quickly learn a few catch phrases, movements and to be overall vigilant, doing as the natives do. . .

Here are my notes on research I have been gathering in Japan for the last five days. . .

1. Though counterintuitive, one peace is never enough. If you ever find yourself in a quick fix, (aka a picture of you as ready to be taken) please remember the old adages "one is the loneliest number that you'll ever see" and "say cheese". If you can remember these you will fit in quickly. Two fingers are better than one. More peace is better than one peace. And never forget to ham it up with a cheese-ball grin.

2. When spoken to, repetition and redundancy are your friend. When spoken to, repetition and redundancy are your friend.  Take this to the bank. If a Japanese person speaks to you, bow and say hai (pronounced hi). Thats it. Please do not be fooled by the overwhelming speed and strength of their words. Stick to what works. Head bows and "hai's!"

3.  Please refer to suggestions one and two.

I will continue to rigorously dissect the Japanese culture and language in an attempt to add a fourth step for you all but until then please stick to the basics.

* i have attached two photos to further prove my point. which one looks more japanese? Betsy was close but forget to give peace a chance.

**while driving in Japan, there is no left or right turn on red. Just stop. It makes for a less interesting story but is much safer in the long run.


  1. Very funny, Mark. Sounds like you're blending right into the culture. :)

  2. Mark!!!! So fun reading about your adventures so far! I'm so glad I found your blog linked from Betsy's! Praying a ton for you guys! Lots of laughter, celebrating, JOY, Light, courage, encouraging words, speaking truth! Can't wait to continue hearing updates. I'll give you guys a shout out from the Narita airport in a few days! Wish I could have pulled off visiting ... it was too expensive (HOW LAME!!!!). But will be praying from mountains in the same continent super soon! Send all those crazy N* staffers my love! Keep those peace signs flowin!